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Exhibition Overview To actively cooperate with the State Council "national agricultural modernization plan (2016 - 2020)", "the general office of the State Council on further promoting the development of agricultural products processing industry in Shanxi province" opinion "," 13th Five-Year "agriculture and rural economic development planning", "Shanxi province" 13th Five-Year "modern agricultural development planning", "on further promote the agricultural products processing industry the development of the implementation of v..
Comprehensive exhibition at home and abroad around the pavilion, a national modern agriculture demonstration park, industrial park, Science Park, regional public brand of agricultural products, agricultural leading enterprises of agricultural image display, precise poverty results show, urban agriculture, leisure agriculture, rural tourism and rural beautiful image display.Precision Agriculture Exhibition: Wisdom agriculture / agricultural IOT, agricultural data, agricultural robot, intelligent agricultural machinery, intelligent irrigation, intelligent control, environmental perception, globa..
The organizers of the conference have a number of millions of customers. In addition to extensive invitations from many businessmen at home and abroad to visit, trade and purchase, we will also offer free shuttle service to professional audiences and visiting groups in North China, northwest, central and Bohai rim. The main means include:- the government department issued a meeting notice;- tour of the members of the industry association;The organizing committee's audience organization department has been invited by a large database telephone to send short message, e-mail, and EMS direct m..
The mainstream media:,,,,,, NetEase,, Baidu promotion, 360 promotion, today's headlines, international online, China net,, QingWang, China, Chinese economic network, Chinese business network, Chinese daily, China science and technology network, China news network etc..Professional media: Chinese agricultural net, Chinese net, China rural wisdom agriculture science and technology network, Chinese agricultural news network, rural, agricultural net, poly agricultural net, middle peasants and ..
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