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Guide to registration
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The world famous agricultural manufacturers gather in Taiyuan, Shanxi, if you are the following professional people, please visit it at the appointed time!!!

CIMAE has gathered 500 well-known manufacturers around the world, and has brought tens of thousands of high-tech products to the exhibition. We mainly invite the production, distribution, purchase, research and visit of Lu Yu, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Mongolia. The main spectators include:
- around the Commission, bureau of agriculture, Agricultural Bureau, agricultural station, seed station, plant protection station, the station of soil and fertilizer, supply and marketing cooperatives and other departments, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery, agricultural products and other departments, to promote science and Technology Department
Agricultural industry associations, societies, industry alliances, universities, scientific research, financial institutions, technology consulting services, agricultural information, supply chain solutions providers, air defense service teams, news media.
Agricultural demonstration park, industrial park, science and Technology Park, agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and subsidiary production and management units
- specialized agricultural cooperatives, farms, farms, planting and breeding households
Agricultural market, agricultural machinery market, agricultural products, aquatic products, grain and oil, fresh wholesale market dealers
Production, processing and circulation of meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, flowers and other agricultural products, wholesale and retail of food and beverage production
Rural electric business, fresh electric business, business super, logistics park, distribution center, fresh supermarket and terminal purchase
Three party logistics services such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, express delivery and freight forwarding
Cold chain industrial park, cold chain logistics center, distribution center, operation center, cryo storage, preservation equipment and technical suppliers, cold storage owners

1. Free reservation for free shuttle bus
For the convenience of the people in the industry to come to the exhibition site visit, exchange, procurement. The Organizing Committee of the conference will provide free delivery service for 200 luxury buses in the Shanxi Gansu Ningxia region of Lu Yu, Tianjin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Gansu, Gansu and Ningxia. Please contact the audience Department of the Organizing Committee of the conference, Li Xiaoyang 13323317763 (WeChat same number).
Two, group audience enjoy courtesy (free bus shuttle bus)
All the team members of the audience before the show received 1. badges, removed from the on-site registration, direct admission;
2. each member can receive a gift (including the electronic bulletin, including all the information of the exhibitors).
3. the team organizer will be given an extra gift of the gift.
The 4. organizing committee provides collective photo and photo service for the visiting group.
5. notice the visit and purchase intention in advance and assist the exhibitor.
6. the production tour group hand up the hand, the special person escorted the visit.
Three, group requirements
Visitors must be from agriculture or related fields, from the same area, with a number of 20 or more groups.
Four. Pre registration of spectator privileges
1. exclusive access to the pre registered audience green channel, the scene does not need to queue up, simplifying the registration process.
2. free access to the electronic version of the list of suppliers (first come first, the number of limited).
3. give priority to the summit forum held by Cimae2018.
4. free to get a fine gift.
Five, a variety of ways of pre registration
1. online registration:
2. mail registration: download the "visit the registration form" at the download center of the official website of the official website of the After filling in the relevant contents, send the mail to the designated of the conference.
3. telephone registration: Li Xiaoyang 13323317763 (WeChat the same number), can add WeChat friends, the personal information link to the staff.
4. WeChat pre registration: search WeChat public number "chinacimae", pay attention to WeChat public platform, visit registration, or scan the official WeChat two-dimensional code registration below.

Welcome to visit you at that time!
Visit the contact information of the participants:
Shanxi Hengxin Bo Chuang Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address: Shanxi province Taiyuan city Berlin District million new Jinci road section of No. 8 in the world 8 Building 4504 room
Phone: 0351-6173639
Fax: 0351-5220195
Contact: Li Xiaoyang 13323317763 (WeChat same number)
Official WeChat public platform
Exhibition website:
Micro signal of the exhibition: the Modern Agricultural Fair (chinacimae)


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