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China (Shanxi) International Agricultural aeronautical plant protection and pesticide, fertilizer, seed Exhibition
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Introduction to the exhibition
To actively cooperate with the State Council "national agricultural modernization plan (2016 - 2020)", "Shanxi province" 13th Five-Year "agriculture and rural economic development planning", "Shanxi province" in 13th Five-Year "modern agriculture development plan" policy implementation and implementation, the transformation of agricultural development mode, agricultural power supply side structural reform, and actively promote the agricultural industry fusion, quality and efficiency and promote agricultural economic development, but also provide the best platform for an exchange of industry, trade and purchasing for new agricultural modern agricultural technology and equipment, now scheduled Shanxi Province Exhibition "China (Shanxi) International Agricultural Aviation Plant Protection exhibition".
In recent years, Shanxi agriculture has been greatly promoted by the government departments at all levels. According to statistics, there are 2 state-level modern agricultural demonstration cities and 5 state-level modern agricultural demonstration counties in Shanxi province. 26 provincial demonstration counties are identified, 1388 modern agricultural parks are built in the demonstration area, with a total investment of 160 billion yuan. Shanxi Province, the total grain output reached about 13000000 tons, fruit planting area of 8 million 330 thousand mu, total output of 7 million 948 thousand and 600 tons of vegetables, planting area of 6 million 710 thousand mu, total output of 22 million 500 thousand tons of Cereals, area of 1500 acres, the total production of 2 million 300 thousand tons of Chinese herbal medicines; cultivated area of 1 million 550 thousand acres, yield 210 thousand tons. With the promotion of the government's "513 project" and other policies, the leading enterprises in Shanxi province are developing rapidly, and there are more than 190 enterprises with annual sales income of over 100 billion yuan, 32 state-level agricultural industrialization enterprises and 413 key provincial leading enterprises.
According to the plan, by 2020, the sown area of grain crops in Shanxi province remained above 48 million mu, and its capacity was over 13 million 500 thousand tons. The industrial characteristics of coarse cereals, livestock, fruit industry, vegetables, medicinal herbs and leisure agriculture were more prominent. Among them, the commodity rate of coarse cereals is over 70%, the processing conversion rate and the mechanized application rate of potato are 50%, the total output of fruit is 10 million tons, and the self-sufficiency rate of vegetables is over 70% in the winter and spring off-season, and the standardized production area of Chinese medicinal herbs is 3 million acres. 123 the development of deep integration, the national modern agricultural demonstration area and a circle of three groups of towns and towns are the first to realize the agricultural modernization in an all-round way.
This exhibition in order to "green, innovation, sharing, wisdom" as the theme, is expected to show an area of 15000 square meters, will invite more than 300 brand exhibitors and more than ten thousand professional visitors exchanges, international trade, more than 200 domestic and foreign authoritative media publicity of the exhibition, visit the number of participants will reach more than 30000 people. In addition, there will be hundreds from all over the world, government leaders, industry experts, corporate executives and industry elite participation held Industry Development Summit Forum and a variety of activities on the theme of the conference and the development trend of the industry, industrial policy, development planning, technical innovation, management, financing and other aspects of in-depth exchanges, as specified the direction of the development of the industry, give advice and suggestions. This exhibition will be a key industry event. It will make positive contributions to the development of industry and the promotion and application of advanced technology products. Welcome all walks of life to actively participate in exhibition, visit and attend.

Content of the exhibition
Aviation plant protection machine: agricultural aircraft and small UAV, aviation technology and agricultural pesticide spraying equipment, agricultural aviation remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation supplies, agricultural aviation safety equipment, high-tech equipment and modern agriculture, large farms and modern agricultural demonstration zone and other modern agricultural development achievements.
The wisdom of agricultural high-tech exhibition: information agriculture, precision agriculture technology, testing equipment, soilless cultivation techniques, agricultural high-tech equipment, agricultural information and communication services, information management, financial services, agriculture IOT intelligent control technology, intelligent control device, the drip irrigation system of Intelligent Greenhouse Controller, soil humidity controller, related technology and equipment etc..
Exhibition: fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer, compound fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and crop yield and is conducive to improve the quality of biological technology and products etc..
Pesticide exhibition area: pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, pesticide raw materials and preparations, plant protection machinery and so on.
Seed exhibition area: field seed, vegetable seed, seed and seedling processing, packaging, coating agent, hole disc, seedling plate, rice seedling raising bowl body soft and so on.

Charge standard
Ground clearance (36 square meters rent): domestic enterprises: 600 yuan RMB yuan / square meters; foreign enterprises: USD$200/ square meters.

Outdoor space (36 square meters net rent): domestic enterprises: 600 yuan RMB yuan / square meters; foreign enterprises: USD$200/ square meters. (outdoor price includes the cost of truss design and construction).

Deluxe standard booth (3M * 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB6800 / month; foreign enterprises: USD$2500 / A.
Standard booth (3M * 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB5800/; foreign enterprises: USD$2000 / A.
Technical lecture, new technology, new product promotion conference: the charge standard RMB 10000 yuan / field.
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