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China (Shanxi) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
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Introduction to the exhibition
To actively cooperate with the State Council "national agricultural modernization plan (2016 - 2020)", "Shanxi province" 13th Five-Year "agriculture and rural economic development planning", "Shanxi province" 13th Five-Year "modern agricultural development planning", "the Ministry of Agriculture National Agricultural Mechanization Development thirteenth five year plan", "Shanxi Province Agricultural Mechanization Development thirteenth five year plan (2016-2020 years) the implementation of" policy, the transformation of agricultural development, agricultural power supply side structural reform, and actively promote the agricultural industrialization, promote the quality and efficiency of agricultural and economic development, enhance the level of Agricultural Mechanization in Shanxi Province, but also provide the best platform for an industry exchanges and trade procurement for modern farm machinery, currently scheduled for February 27, 2019 -2019 March 1st in Shanxi Province Exhibition "China (Shanxi) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition The conference.
In recent years, Shanxi agriculture has been greatly promoted by the government departments at all levels. According to statistics, there are 2 state-level modern agricultural demonstration cities and 5 state-level modern agricultural demonstration counties in Shanxi province. 26 provincial demonstration counties are identified, 1388 modern agricultural parks are built in the demonstration area, with a total investment of 160 billion yuan. Shanxi Province, the total grain output reached about 13000000 tons, fruit planting area of 8 million 330 thousand mu, total output of 7 million 948 thousand and 600 tons of vegetables, planting area of 6 million 710 thousand mu, total output of 22 million 500 thousand tons of Cereals, area of 1500 acres, the total production of 2 million 300 thousand tons of Chinese herbal medicines; cultivated area of 1 million 550 thousand acres, yield 210 thousand tons. The animal husbandry enterprises above the scale of the province reached 204. The total output of meat, eggs and milk in the province reached 2 million 280 thousand tons, 1 million 360 thousand tons and 1 million 330 thousand tons. With the promotion of the government's "513 project", the leading enterprises in Shanxi province are developing rapidly, and there are more than 190 enterprises with annual sales income of over 100 billion yuan, 32 state-level agricultural industrialization enterprises and 413 key provincial leading enterprises.
According to the plan, by 2020, Shanxi province grain sown area remained at more than 48 million acres, more than 13 million 500 thousand tons of production capacity, the development of Agricultural Mechanization in Shanxi province will be up to a new level, the main crops will be achieved before, during and after the production mechanization, the Province's crops mechanized farming income rate reached more than 72%, accelerate the implementation of agricultural leading demonstration projects, agricultural infrastructure construction, agricultural mechanization management body cultivation project, ecological protection engineering, agricultural engineering, industrial transformation and upgrading of mechanization of agricultural products processing projects such as the six project, and developed a series of specific development objectives and measures. 123 the development of deep integration, the national modern agricultural demonstration area and a circle of three groups of towns and towns are the first to realize the agricultural modernization in an all-round way.
This exhibition is expected to show an area of 15000 square meters, will invite more than 300 brand exhibitors and more than ten thousand professional visitors exchanges, international trade, more than 200 domestic and foreign authoritative media publicity of the exhibition, visit the number of participants will reach 30000 passengers to. In addition, there will be hundreds from all over the world, government leaders, industry experts, corporate executives and industry elite participation held Industry Development Summit Forum and a variety of activities on the theme of the conference and the development trend of the industry, industrial policy, development planning, technical innovation, management, financing and other aspects of in-depth exchanges, as specified the direction of the development of the industry, give advice and suggestions. This exhibition will be a key industry event. It will make positive contributions to the development of agriculture and the popularization and application of modern agricultural machinery, and welcome all sectors of the industry to actively participate in exhibitions, visits and meetings.

Content of the exhibition
Agricultural machinery: Tractor and farm machines, harvesting machinery, harvesting machinery, postprocessing primary processing of agricultural machinery, plant machinery, farming machinery, plant protection machinery, grain drying equipment, seed processing equipment, irrigation and drainage engineering equipment, agricultural pumps, sprinkler irrigation equipment, agricultural facilities and equipment etc..
Transportation machinery: light truck, engineering car, low speed truck, tricycle, pickup, trailer and so on.
Power equipment: diesel engine, gasoline engine, generator set, wind power equipment, new energy equipment and so on.
Agricultural construction machinery and farmland water conservancy construction machinery: excavator, loader, bulldozer, leveler, crane and all kinds of special machinery.
Processing machinery for agricultural and sideline products: grain and oil, agricultural and sideline food processing machinery, tea machinery, deep processing machinery for fruits and vegetables, preservation and transportation and storage equipment.
Animal husbandry machinery: herbage machinery, special equipment for feed production, breeding machinery and so on.
Garden machinery: horticultural machinery, garden engineering machinery and so on.
All kinds of agricultural machinery accessories: bearings, rubber parts, tires, various assembly and so on.
Maintenance equipment tools and so on.

Charge standard
 Ground clearance (36 square meters rent): domestic enterprises: 600 yuan RMB yuan / square meters; foreign enterprises: USD$200/ square meters.
 Outdoor space (36 square meters net rent): domestic enterprises: 600 yuan RMB yuan / square meters; foreign enterprises: USD$200/ square meters. (outdoor price includes the cost of truss design and construction).
 Deluxe standard booth (3M * 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB6800 / month; foreign enterprises: USD$2500 / A.
 Standard booth (3M * 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB5800/; foreign enterprises: USD$2000 / A.
 Technical lecture, new technology, new product promotion conference: the charge standard RMB 10000 yuan / field.
 The general assembly and various advertising projects see the advertising brochure of advertising.


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