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How to visit the exhibition
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According to the exhibition survey: 39% of the visitors stay at the exhibition for less than 8 hours. Whether we can get as many effective information as possible in the shortest possible time determines the effect of visiting the exhibition. Some of the following tips will help you to visit the exhibition more effectively.

1. make clear the purpose of your visit to the exhibition.
2. list the list of the manufacturers you are going to visit, and divide them into two parts. One is "must visit" and the other "to visit".
3. determine the time it takes you to visit the entire exhibition, even the time it takes for each stall to leave time for browsing, trifles and queues.
4. make sure that you need to know the information from the exhibitor, distinguish the different exhibitors, and then get ready to ask questions at the time.
5. design a product / service information collection table to accurately compare the similarities and differences between the different exhibitors.
6. the exhibitor who wants to make an appointment.
7. get the distribution map of the exhibitors and set the tour route as soon as possible.
8. bring enough business cards to save you from the trouble of filling the form.
9. wear comfortable shoes and clothes. It was very tired to visit the exhibition hall. The footbed walking can reduce the fatigue of the foot and make the feet more comfortable.
10. when the baggage is prepared, the vacancy should be reserved for the convenience of the return space to accommodate the exhibitor's information.
11. take a portable travel bag. Plastic bags are usually unpleasant and uncomfortable, and even cut hands.
12. reservations and hotels in advance in order to get discounts.
13. try to choose the hotel near the exhibition, which can save the time of return and easy rest.
14. plan to be ready to attend forums or seminars. Make a good registration at the reception desk in advance and arrive at the meeting in advance so as to avoid a waste of time.
15. directly tell the exhibitor that your journey is tense, do not want to waste time chatting, hope to get into the problem as soon as possible.
16. look for opportunities to establish business connections. Talk to industry leaders; try to get the exhibitor's invitation to his hotel; introduce yourself to the people around in the right place; send and collect business cards.
17. avoid too crowded stall, and return to visit when the number of visitors is not much before the show is over.
18. take a pen and a note at any time to write down important information, or even use a small recorder for recording.
19. take a few hours to take a rest, refresh, breathe fresh air, drink some water (don't drink soda and beer) to prevent escape.
20. every station to do a good record of the travel, sum up every night.
21. try to get the answer to the question that the exhibitor does not want to answer.
22. avoid negotiation with unrelated manufacturers.
23. to leave the field 30 minutes ahead of time, to avoid the trouble of waiting for the car.
24. to collate and classify the information collected, and to make further contact.
25. follow up the printed materials and samples that are required to be mailed at the exhibition.
Although the preparations and plans for the exhibition are simple, they are proved to be effective and with half the effort. As long as these details are noticed, the desired results can be achieved.

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